Why the NFL should have the national guard

By David Newton, Bleacher Sports staffThe National Guard’s official website is filled with the stories and stories of America’s soldiers and heroes.

The National Guard is a time-honored tradition in our country’s military, but it has evolved into a way for people to come together and express their love for the men and women in uniform.

But what exactly is the National Guard, and why is it so important to the American people?

A quick Google search will tell you that it’s all about the people.

From its origins in the American Revolution to the Civil War and beyond, the National Guardsmen were the first men and the first to be mobilized in peacetime to defend American citizens and country.

The Guard is one of the largest and oldest military units in the country, and it’s important to remember that every Guardman is a member of the National Household, a term that means “family” and includes all of the soldiers who are in uniform as well as their spouses and children.

The term is often used as a compliment, and the phrase “one soldier for all” is a nod to the fact that soldiers from every branch of the armed forces are all members of the same family.

The National Guards are not a bunch of men and boys on the fringes of American society.

There are only about 8,000 National Guards in the United States, and their members come from all walks of life.

They have diverse backgrounds and backgrounds in all walks, with some serving as doctors, police officers, firefighters, or even as law enforcement officers.

The men and girls of the Guard serve in different units, each of which has their own unique mission and responsibilities.

In the past, the Guard has played a crucial role in the defense of our nation and in protecting the freedom and democracy of the American community.

When the United Nations declared World War I, the United Kingdom was one of its first allies, and they took advantage of the opportunity to train and equip the National Volunteer Force.

During the Cold War, the U.S. Army National Guard trained and equipped Cuban exiles to fight the communist insurgency in the island nation.

Today, the guard is part of the U,S.

military in support of the international coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The Guard is also a significant source of employment for the country’s workforce, with about 25 percent of all private-sector workers in the U:$50 billion in annual Guard-related revenue and $8.5 billion in Guard-generated wages.

In recent years, the armed services have also come under increased scrutiny for their treatment of women and veterans.

In 2016, Congress passed the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Act to address sexual assault on military installations and facilities.

This legislation prohibits discrimination in hiring, pay, benefits, and any other form of compensation by military contractors or other employers that work in the military or related facilities.

The Department of Defense is also required to take a close look at the treatment of veterans on their base and the Department of Veterans Affairs is required to conduct a survey to assess the number of sexual assaults and incidents against veterans.

The U.N. General Assembly also passed a resolution in 2016 to address the problems of sexual violence and violence against women and girls in the armed force, with a number of resolutions urging the government to address these issues.

The guard’s importance goes beyond military service.

Many of the countrys largest cities and towns rely on the Guard to provide a vital service to its citizens.

The guard is one element of a community that is so integral to the fabric of American life.

In fact, the city of Philadelphia alone has over 1,000 Guard units, and more than 2,000 of those units are active and operational.

In addition to their military roles, the men who serve in the National guard are a vital part of many American communities.

As the United Nation has put it, “the National Guard protects the freedom of expression, of assembly, of religion, of conscience, of association, of property, and of association between individuals, and ensures the rights of citizens to hold their government and their government institutions accountable to the people.”

The Guard provides these rights for many Americans, but the Guard is so important because it allows them to express their own personal ideals, and to protect their own communities.