Why the ‘Pokémon’ movie will not work for me

What’s wrong with the Pokémon movie?

I’m an obsessive fan of the classic Pokémon games.

I know I can relate to the excitement and excitement of catching, battling and befriending my favorite creatures.

I also know I could do without a plot that was just a tad too convoluted.

The first Pokémon movie came out in 1996.

The first two movies in the franchise, the third and fourth, are also now out.

And there have been some great sequels.

The fourth and fifth movies are still coming out.

So, the new one, The Pokémon Movie, is now slated for release sometime this summer.

The new movie will focus on the adventures of the titular Pokémon, as they try to get back home after an epic battle with the evil Dragon.

The movie has a big target on its back.

It will take place at the start of the 20th century, when a new Pokémon appeared on the scene.

But there’s a lot more to the story than meets the eye.

The plot centers around two characters who travel back to their hometowns to reunite with their fathers and older brother.

It’s an idea that was inspired by a book series by the same name, and is based on a true story about two siblings, a boy and a girl, who have been reunited in their parents’ hometowns.

And it’s not a perfect movie.

The film is still in development, and will likely take more time to make than the original trilogy.

But the quality of the art and animation will have me rooting for the Pokémon movies to be a hit.

If you’re an old-school fan of Pokémon and want to know how to watch Pokémon movies, this article may be of help.

The Pokémon movie will be released July 17.

It is the first Pokémon film to be released in theaters, and it is scheduled to be an eight-hour experience.

The trailer is below.

Watch it below: