How to start building an ecommerce website for Amazon Prime subscribers

Aarp’s Substack newsletter is a great place to start, but if you’re looking to expand beyond the basic shopping cart experience, then you should check out AarpShop, a subscription service that’s been making waves.

Aarp Shop’s main goal is to make the shopping experience as easy as possible, so its main competitor is Amazon’s Prime.

Substack, on the other hand, wants to bring Amazon’s shopping cart to a broader audience of people who don’t use a shopping cart, such as freelancers.

So how do you build a Substack subscription store that can help you grow your business without losing the convenience of shopping with a shoppingcart?

Here are some tips for getting started.


Find a niche with a big customer base and a good business model 2.

Look for a product that’s easy to understand and uses simple and powerful UI 3.

Create a product catalog to list products you want to sell, and then create an online store to promote them and offer them for free 4.

Find ways to make money by offering discounts on items you want from Substack 5.

Create your own store page to help promote your products and offer discounts 6.

Keep up to date with new product launches 7.

Be sure to keep track of any product launches that are being made to improve your prospects 8.

Use the tools in the Substack Shop section to track sales and create your own marketing campaigns 9.

Find customers in your niche that you think will benefit from your product, and make sure to work with them to make them feel comfortable with your product 10.

Once you’re a subscriber, you can keep track by going through the SubStack Shop and Substack App sections to see which products have been sold and which ones haven’t.

Follow along with our SubstackShop guide and the Subscribing for Substack blog post to learn how to create your first Substack shop.

To learn more about how to start a Subscriber Shop, check out our guide on the basics of how to set up a Subscription Shop.

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