How to use Google News to create newsletters that are both useful and informative

The following article contains examples of how to use some of Google’s tools to create email newsletters that use Google’s News Feed feature.

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This article contains links to Google’s web sites and products.

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To create a Google Newsletter that is both useful or helpful, use the following steps: Select a subject Select a newsletter template Create a newsletter newsletter using the template Select the options that appear when you create a new newsletter (like unsubscribe, delete, etc.)

Add your newsletter to your site or blog, or to Google+ You can also create your own newsletter using Google’s built-in newsletters feature.

To learn more, visit the Google News Blog.

To unsubscribe from a newsletter, use this action in the Gmail inbox.

You can learn more about how to unsubscribe by visiting the Gmail privacy settings page.

To delete your newsletter, visit your inbox and select the email you want to delete.

If the email was created using Google News Feed, it will appear in the email archive in the top right corner.

To send a copy of the newsletter to someone, select the recipient’s email address and click “Send.”

This will take you to a confirmation page where you can change your preferences for your recipients.

If there is a problem with the email, please email the address associated with the mailing address, as we may have forgotten your email address.