New York Times to pay $1.5 billion for publishing, producing and syndicating Newsletters

NEW YORK — New York Times Company will pay $850 million to settle a class action lawsuit that alleged the company improperly advertised a copy of the Times in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The U.N. class action claims that in January, 2015, New York-based NYT published a copy in its New York Daily News of an article titled “New York City: A city of promise, of dreams, of hope” on its website, a copy published by the New York Post, and the NY Times in its local edition of the newspaper.

The class action complaint claims that the New Times did not provide accurate and timely information about the New Jersey and New York City news websites, did not publish newsworthy stories, and that it published a misleading representation of its website.

It further alleges that it did not have a policy of not providing inaccurate information about news and the New Yorkers were not aware of its content.

New York- based attorney Charles Payne, who represents the plaintiffs, said in a statement that he plans to appeal the settlement.

Payne said he will ask a judge to allow the New Zealand-based class to be heard by a jury.

He said he has been in negotiations with the New England Newspaper Publishers Association to resolve this matter.

The settlement is subject to court approval, he said.