What’s the new deal? It’s a big one: Apple and Google agree to merge

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Apple and Alphabet have agreed to merge Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Google is paying $20 billion in cash to Apple.

Google will also pay Apple $1.2 billion in stock in 2018 and 2019, and Google will retain some of the Android and iOS assets it owns.

But Google will keep its own products like Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and Maps, as well as the Google Search Engine.

That means that Apple can continue to offer apps like Mail, Calendar, and Keynote that were built for Android.

But it will no longer offer those same apps on iOS.

And there’s still a lot of work to do.

Google, Apple, and Alphabet are all part of Alphabet’s “big” group, but they’re all still competing for the same customers, and they’re competing for nearly the same money.

That’s why it’s worth considering this merger if you want to get a handle on the new Google and Apple.

The deal also means that Alphabet and Apple will each get about $3.2 trillion in cash over the next three years, with the rest going to shareholders.

That number doesn’t include the billions Google will receive in dividends from its subsidiaries, which is a big deal.

For the next five years, Alphabet will have a much smaller share of the total market.

That includes Google and Facebook, both of which are valued at about $25 billion.

Alphabet also has a stake in a number of smaller companies that are worth a lot more than they were at the start of the deal.

Alphabet has been buying smaller companies, like YouTube, since 2014, and it will be able to tap into those assets.

Google has said that it will use the cash to focus on Android, Google Play, Google Fiber, Google Cloud, Google’s search services, and its other businesses, including the new YouTube division.

Alphabet will still have a presence on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

But Apple will also continue to be the dominant smartphone platform for iOS devices.

It’s also possible that Apple will keep the iPhone brand that it’s built around, but will add new products.

It might even launch a new smartphone in 2018.

In any case, the two companies are now merging, and the future of both companies will depend on how quickly they can get the deal done.