When will the next iPhone 6C come out?

By Josh TranSource: IGN|November 24, 2018 12:17:42The next iPhone could be coming soon, as well as a lot more.

Apple is set to unveil its iPhone 6s next month, and while it may not be officially announced until sometime this year, it’s already been rumored to launch on September 18.

According to a new report from MacRumors, which has sourced Apple’s latest MacRumor article, the next iOS device will come out sometime in 2018.

This report comes from the publication’s own Ben Bajarin, who notes that Apple has “been quietly working on an update to the OS for a few years now.”

While the iPhone 6 is rumored to ship sometime in late 2018, the rumored update could also happen in 2019, or possibly 2020.

Bajarin also notes that while Apple may not announce a new device until 2018, “it’s been quietly working” on an upgrade to the operating system.

It’s likely Apple is working on a “major update” for the iPhone to be announced next month.

Bjork has been rumored as the next woman to hold the position of president of Apple, but it seems like she’s not quite ready to accept the job.

She recently tweeted, “The truth is, I’m not ready.

I’m still in the early stages of figuring out what I want to do with my life.

I have so much work to do and I’m just trying to figure it out.”

In other words, she’s working on her life, and she’s also waiting for the next big iPhone.

Apple’s next iPhone is expected to be smaller and thinner than the iPhone 5c, but the report notes that the new iPhone will also feature a 5.7-inch OLED display, which could be a huge upgrade from the 6’s 4.7 inch OLED display.

The next-generation iPhone will reportedly feature a 4.2-inch Super Retina display, the same resolution as the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple may also introduce a new “iPod-like” wireless charging standard in 2018, which would make the iPhone more versatile and accessible.

Apple could also launch a new wearable accessory, dubbed Apple Watch, in 2019.