How to create a Powerpoint newsletter template: 5 essential tips

On Monday, the National Governors Association released a new guide to creating a newsletter template that uses the power of PowerPoint.

The newsletter template guide is meant to help governors communicate with constituents, but it also gives governors an easy-to-use way to deliver updates to the public on important policy issues.

The NGA’s newsletter template tool allows governors to share updates about issues that they’re considering, while also sharing links to a list of articles that explain the policy.

The tool is an evolution of a program that the NGA launched a few years ago to help the group better understand issues in its states.

The tool lets governors share updates on key policy priorities with their constituents through newsletters that highlight key events in the state, like the state’s adoption of new gun control laws or the state raising the minimum wage.

The newsletter template is not an exact copy of the NGI’s Powerpoint template, but NGI vice president and general counsel James G. Williams told VICE News it gives governors more tools to communicate with the public and build a broader base of support for their policies.

For instance, if a governor is interested in increasing the minimum hourly wage, he or she can link to an article that shows how raising the wage would affect the unemployment rate.

The governor can also highlight a recent study from the Brookings Institution that showed raising the hourly wage would boost jobs in the private sector by 2.5 million jobs.

States can also add information about key issues, like whether they have laws restricting access to abortion, to their newsletters.

When a governor decides to promote the adoption of the new Texas law, for example, he can link that policy to a link to a report from the Institute for Justice, a libertarian-leaning organization.

For governors, the tool is designed to make their newsletters easier to read and share on the state level, but Williams said it’s also meant to be used by the public at large.

He explained that the tool allows users to quickly review key policy topics and then share the links with their friends and family members.

The goal is to be as transparent as possible to the people that are using the tool, and it’s not really a political tool.

“We’re not trying to make political, but we are trying to be able to communicate what’s important to them, and what they’re looking for,” Williams said.

The new tool comes in the wake of a year-long campaign by the NGs website and blog to combat misinformation about gun control, which prompted the NG to publish a report on its work.

In February, the NGF launched an online portal to track misinformation on gun control.

In an email to VICE News, the president of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, John Feinblatt, said that while the NGLA has a policy to not respond to any form of disinformation about the safety of gun control measures, it “reached out to the NRA and will continue to do so.

It’s clear to anyone who understands how effective the NRA is in pushing gun control that they must be aware of the risks of gun violence.

The NRA will continue doing its part to ensure that we have a functioning and safe Second Amendment.”