‘Hacking the elevator’: Inside a new space for security researchers to gather the facts

TechRadars latest elevator security newsletter picks up the pieces of the 2016 incident and the security implications for the elevator industry.

The newsletter is a collaboration between the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and security researchers at the Boston-based Security Research Lab (SRL).

In the wake of the elevator attack in New York City, the researchers and AIA have created a space where they can share information and collaborate.

The elevator security team has created a website called the Elevator Security Weekly, which gives readers the opportunity to track elevator security and vulnerabilities in the elevator system.

The website provides a comprehensive list of security vulnerabilities found and addressed in the New York and Washington metropolitan areas.

The site also offers information about the elevator operators who have publicly shared their elevator vulnerabilities and the elevator systems in the cities.

The AIA website also includes a list of the security researchers who have been able to share their findings with the public, along with links to their publications.

The list is organized into categories.

The security researchers that have published their research on the elevator are listed in alphabetical order.

The researchers listed in the second-to-last position are listed by title.

The elevators security team is encouraging elevator operators to share the latest elevator vulnerabilities on the website and share any new information that they have found through the elevator security website.

In a blog post, the elevator company said that they are “proud to share with the elevator community our security efforts and that we are committed to keeping elevators safe.”

“Our team is always working to develop our own solution to the elevator threat,” the elevator companies blog post reads.

“The security team works closely with the industry and public, to ensure our system is both secure and reliable, and we take all of our actions in a responsible manner.”

The elevator operators blog post also contains a link to a video in which the elevator operator shares their elevator security findings with a panel of security researchers.

In the video, the operators share the security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities discovered in the elevators systems and elevator.

The elevator operators also explain the importance of the elevator security team.

“We are here to tell you about the latest and greatest security vulnerabilities that we have found,” the video reads.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’ve got a pretty strong security team,” said Chris Jones, senior vice president of security research for AIA.

“We know what we are talking about and we are constantly working on new ways to protect our systems.

We just don’t have a lot of time to go back and change things, and it’s really important that we make sure that we share all of that information as quickly as possible.”

The security researchers have also shared some of their findings and research.

Jones said that the elevator safety team is “pushing them hard and putting a lot more effort into this than we did a year ago.”

“We’re always working on getting better, and there are definitely times where we can be a little bit less vigilant,” he said.

“But it’s definitely worth it.”

Jones said that AIA and SRL have been working together for some time and are excited about the security challenges that elevator operators are facing.

Jones added that AIS has also been working with the New England Elevator Association (NESEA) and the Boston Elevator Safety Commission (BESCC) to provide technical assistance to the elevater industry.

Jones also said that elevator safety issues have been on the minds of the industry as well.

“The industry is a big part of our society,” Jones said.