What’s the best thing about hot wheels?

Hot Wheels, one of the most beloved toy brands, has a new hot wheel coming out this year: the GT-R.

The brand released a teaser image on Monday with a very distinctive design that looks like a hot air balloon. 

It features an angular design with a wheel on top and a small “G” on the back.

Hot Wheels has had a number of designs like this in the past, but this looks more like a balloon.

The company is also releasing a new Hot Wheels Premium product that will be available exclusively in Japan starting on March 3, 2018. 

A brand spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the new GT-Rs will have a much higher base price than the GT models, which will cost around $7,000 USD. 

In terms of price, the GTR will have more performance than the current GT-r, which has a base price of $3,999. 

While we haven’t seen any pictures or a release date for the GTs, we’re hearing they will launch at the same time as the GT Premium model, which should come with a similar price.

Hot Toys has had quite a few cars and trucks in the series, but there hasn’t been a single Hot Wheels vehicle that’s been a complete car from the ground up. 

The GT-releasing Hot Wheels cars were originally released in 2007, but they haven’t been sold outside of Japan since then.

This means there’s no guarantee that they will see an American market at all.