How to sell a car in Ireland with a dash of luck

Dubliners can now be sold their cars by a simple dash of “buzzwords” in a new online marketing campaign.Dublin has introduced a new type of sales technique called the “brazen sales” that involves “brought-on” salespeople, usually from rival dealerships, offering their wares for a few hours before driving off.The scheme is being promoted by the […]

What’s the best thing about hot wheels?

Hot Wheels, one of the most beloved toy brands, has a new hot wheel coming out this year: the GT-R.The brand released a teaser image on Monday with a very distinctive design that looks like a hot air balloon. It features an angular design with a wheel on top and a small “G” on the back.Hot […]

‘Hacking the elevator’: Inside a new space for security researchers to gather the facts

TechRadars latest elevator security newsletter picks up the pieces of the 2016 incident and the security implications for the elevator industry.The newsletter is a collaboration between the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and security researchers at the Boston-based Security Research Lab (SRL).In the wake of the elevator attack in New York City, the researchers and […]

What is the lca newsletter? – LCA newsletter

In the past few months, Google has been making changes to its newsletter format and it looks like it’s going to get a fresh start.The new newsletter format will be called the LCA.The news-based newsletter format was launched last month, with the aim of providing users with timely, quality and relevant content.It has been launched […]

How to create a Powerpoint newsletter template: 5 essential tips

On Monday, the National Governors Association released a new guide to creating a newsletter template that uses the power of PowerPoint.The newsletter template guide is meant to help governors communicate with constituents, but it also gives governors an easy-to-use way to deliver updates to the public on important policy issues.The NGA’s newsletter template tool allows […]