How to create your own Google newsletter template

A few years ago, Charles Payne was an architect.Payne, who died on Friday at age 92, created his own Google Calendar app, which was used by more than 10 million people a month.The app was so popular that Payne became a Google Plus user, and has since become a regular contributor to the company’s Google+ […]

‘The Secret’ of How To Become An Amazing Fitness Expert: How To Break The Cycle of Self-Doubt

When I first began reading the “Self-Doubting” book, it had me feeling like I was falling down a rabbit hole.After a few months of reading the book, I was able to break the self-doubt cycle, and I realized that what I was struggling with was something I had been battling with my whole life.The book […]

How to Build a New, Better School: The Essential Guide to Schools and the Way We Live

“I do not think you should ever start a new school.I do not know why.I have a very strong feeling that it is the right thing to do.But I think it is also important to be careful that it doesn’t end up as an example of what I call the ‘failure of the left.’”–Former President […]

How to become a better goalie with the Hockey Abstract: A guide

Hockey Abstract, the hockey analytics site for the NHL, released its 2017-18 Hockey Abstract Rankings this week, which rank the best goalie prospects in the world, along with the best prospects in North America.It’s a similar process to what we’ve done for our Prospect Rankings, which are compiled every year and ranked based on the […]