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Businesses will soon be able to opt-out of Facebook’s data retention policies

Businesses that opt-in to Facebook’s new data retention and privacy policies could end up being liable for up to a year of data retention for non-payment of Businesses that choose to opt out of the new policy will face a two-year penalty period, while businesses that opt in will face up to two years […]

How to be the healthiest of the health-conscious: A guide to getting more fit and healthful

Health experts are warning against eating too much chocolate and other processed foods.This week’s Health newsletter is about how to be a healthful person.Read moreHealth experts are advising against eating much processed foods, and recommending a healthy diet.But they are also urging you to keep a healthy balance, by avoiding sugar, sweets, salty snacks, and […]

How to start building an ecommerce website for Amazon Prime subscribers

Aarp’s Substack newsletter is a great place to start, but if you’re looking to expand beyond the basic shopping cart experience, then you should check out AarpShop, a subscription service that’s been making waves.Aarp Shop’s main goal is to make the shopping experience as easy as possible, so its main competitor is Amazon’s Prime.Substack, on […]

How to use the Google Newsletters Template to get Google NewsFeed to show up on your phone and desktop

By Tom VassilopoulosToday we’re releasing the official Google Newsletter template, and it includes all the features of our official Google Blogs site, including Google+ notifications, Google+ posts, and Google+ conversations.This is our first time releasing a Google NewsLetter template for Google+.It also comes with a new Google+ widget to help you quickly and easily add […]

How to keep your kids safe from measles: The truth behind the myth

Why do some people say that they vaccinate their kids?Why do other parents say they don’t?What are the facts behind these claims?The truth is a little more complicated than that.In this installment of Fox News’ The Newsroom, host Martha MacCallum explores these questions and more.In this episode, Fox News anchor Martha MacMahon speaks with the […]