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President Trump and former President Obama have a new way of expressing grief

In a way, President Donald Trump and his former president Barack Obama have become “two people whose grief has never been expressed by words,” as a new book has revealed.“The Grief Is a Four-Letter Word: The Story of Grief in America,” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Amy Dacey, traces the rise of the phrase “the grief […]

What’s the deal with Trump’s new ‘pivot’?

President Donald Trump has declared a pivot to the United States as the country’s economic recovery is getting under way.But that shift is being undermined by the White House’s attempts to use the crisis to make political points about its failures and missteps.Here’s a look at what’s happening.MORE In the White Palace, Trump is expected […]

How to use Google News to create newsletters that are both useful and informative

The following article contains examples of how to use some of Google’s tools to create email newsletters that use Google’s News Feed feature.If you don’t see a product or service you are interested in, check out our list of newsletters to discover more.This article contains links to Google’s web sites and products.If your company would […]

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star has made a deal to star in ‘House of Cards’ sequel

It’s been a rough few weeks for House of Cards star Dwayne Johnson, and it looks like he might be getting a bit of a makeover.As reported by Deadline , Johnson has agreed to star opposite Kevin Spacey in the upcoming sequel to HBO’s hit series, House of Cards.The two-part Netflix original will feature Spacey […]

What are the Kardashians’ plans for 2018? [MTV News]

MTV News article The Kardashians have been busy this year.The first album they released was the critically acclaimed KATG: The Best of the K-Pop Music Awards.They also collaborated with Wiz Khalifa for a new video for “Don’t Look Back.”And last year, they played the Super Bowl halftime show in Los Angeles.What’s next for the Kardashian […]

How to make a financial newsletter template

By Tzvi Oron, The Jerusalem Monitor The Jerusalem, March 18 (Xinhua) – A financial newsletter for your home or business that you can send to friends and family can be a great way to attract new clients.But, for financial professionals who have worked with people who are struggling with financial issues, the process can be […]

How to start a business in the next month

Posted February 08, 2019 09:03:16 I have an idea.It’s an idea that’s been in my head for a while.And it involves my company, which is called Alaskan Way.In short, it’s a travel website.I’ve been dreaming of it for years.I started it out as a side job in college.Then, when I decided to run it full […]

Business Newsletter: ‘A lot of great ideas’

Business Newsletter Subscribe to receive the latest business and economic news from ABC News and ABC News.Subscribe to our Business Newsletter newsletter to get the best of Business, the latest industry news and the latest financial markets analysis.Topics:business-economics-and-finance,business-news,business,government-and,consumer-fraud-and_consumer-protection,barnett-6700,melbourne-3000