How to use Pinterest for your corporate newsletter template

With the advent of Pinterest, the company has created a newsletter template that you can use to create your own personalized newsletter templates.You can choose to create the template in HTML, PDF or CSV, which will help you keep track of the latest and greatest news stories.The templates are free, but you can upgrade to […]

How to create a newsletter template for non-profit organisations using the Free Template template

If you are a non-profits organisation looking to create newsletters that have a strong, compelling and informative title, then you need to consider the Free template template.It is a free template that allows you to create your own newsletters and share them with the world.In this article, we are going to go through some of […]

‘I’m just a girl’: A girl in Israel, now studying for a PhD, says she’s ‘just a girl’

In a story that has inspired many young Israelis, a young woman who was born in the country but whose parents fled from it in her early teens has said she’s “just a little girl” and “has no future in this world.”Samantha, a Palestinian girl, said she came to Israel when she was just a […]

When Juventus play in the Champions League, the rest of Europe should be watching

UEFA is calling for all clubs in the competition to be in full agreement on the format, starting with Juventus, which is due to play in its first Champions League group game on Saturday against Real Madrid.The governing body said the rules would have to be “balanced against” the interests of the clubs involved.“The UEFA […]

How to save on groceries, rent and utilities by subscribing to the iDeal newsletter

By subscribing to iDeal’s Money & Lending newsletter, you’ll be notified of the latest deals and tips from leading financial services companies.If you’ve been shopping online for groceries, rents or utilities, you might want to check out the iSave Money newsletter, which offers the latest tips and offers from leading consumer finance brands.The iSave Mail […]

Trump: ‘I’m going to take the gloves off and give it to the press’

President Donald Trump says he’ll “take the gloves” off when it comes to the media, telling CNN’s Dana Bash on Wednesday that he would “take it off” when it came to the “fake media.”Trump is in New Hampshire to stump for his wife, Melania, who is running for Congress against Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.“The fake […]