How to build a newsletter platform for your team

If you want to build your own newsletter platform, it’s time to think outside the box.You’ll need to take advantage of some of the new and improved tools you can leverage in the market today.If you’re looking to start building an online newsletter platform that’s a natural fit for your company’s needs, we’ve compiled a […]

Email marketing templates for small businesses

For small business owners who don’t have a ton of marketing dollars, email marketing is a good option.It’s also a lot cheaper than some other options.For example, a month’s subscription to a newsletter is $9.99 per month for small-business owners.If you are using a newsletter template, you can also create newsletters on a weekly or […]

Why the ‘Pokémon’ movie will not work for me

What’s wrong with the Pokémon movie?I’m an obsessive fan of the classic Pokémon games.I know I can relate to the excitement and excitement of catching, battling and befriending my favorite creatures.I also know I could do without a plot that was just a tad too convoluted.The first Pokémon movie came out in 1996.The first two […]

How to mine Crypto Coins with a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino shield

Raspberry Pi shields are popular for making things like the Raspberry Pi camera and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B wireless keyboard more powerful than they have been before.Now, you can mine your own Crypto Coins by using a Raspberry PI shield.The process is surprisingly easy, as long as you have an Arduino and a Raspberry […]

Why it’s a good idea to get out of your office in a hurry | The New York Times

In the wake of the devastating hurricanes, many of the country’s top businesses have had to shut down, and they’re now starting to re-evaluate what it takes to do that.It’s one of the first times in history that people are starting to look at the issue, and some are wondering what’s in it for them.“People […]