What’s the deal with Trump’s new ‘pivot’?

President Donald Trump has declared a pivot to the United States as the country’s economic recovery is getting under way.But that shift is being undermined by the White House’s attempts to use the crisis to make political points about its failures and missteps.Here’s a look at what’s happening.MORE In the White Palace, Trump is expected […]

How to start a business in the next month

Posted February 08, 2019 09:03:16 I have an idea.It’s an idea that’s been in my head for a while.And it involves my company, which is called Alaskan Way.In short, it’s a travel website.I’ve been dreaming of it for years.I started it out as a side job in college.Then, when I decided to run it full […]

Why is the news business so obsessed with Christmas?

Dec. 26, 2018 | By Alison Roman, The Wall St. JournalThe holiday season is often seen as the time when most Americans begin the year off on the right foot.But in a new report, the Pew Research Center found that while the year might be going great, a disproportionate number of the news media coverage […]

“The Best of Alison Roman: A Biography of Alison Roman”

The biographical account of Alison “Alison” Roman is the bestselling book of its kind.It is the most widely read biography of an American politician in history, with more than 100 million copies sold in its first week.It has inspired a legion of new memoirs and biographies, and an even larger audience.Roman, now 94, told NPR […]