How to use Pinterest for your corporate newsletter template

With the advent of Pinterest, the company has created a newsletter template that you can use to create your own personalized newsletter templates.You can choose to create the template in HTML, PDF or CSV, which will help you keep track of the latest and greatest news stories.The templates are free, but you can upgrade to […]

Australian Financial Magazine offers a free newsletter template

You’ve probably already read our free newsletter templates guide to building an email newsletter template for your business, or at least the template we offer to businesses for free.If you’re a blogger or author, it might also be worth checking out.If not, you can always go for the free template guide and create your own […]

How to use Google News to create newsletters that are both useful and informative

The following article contains examples of how to use some of Google’s tools to create email newsletters that use Google’s News Feed feature.If you don’t see a product or service you are interested in, check out our list of newsletters to discover more.This article contains links to Google’s web sites and products.If your company would […]

The ’emma’ story is a myth: How Emmeline Pankhurst turned a ‘tough-love’ movement into an industry

NEW YORK (AP) Emmese Pankhursts’ story, a tale of perseverance and the courage to keep her dream alive, has been told more than a century after her death.But in her final years, the woman whose last book sold more than 25 million copies said her life is still worth fighting for.Emmène Pankursts last words in […]

Which E-commerce platform are you most likely to use to purchase a product?

e-commerce platforms that offer free shipping for orders are the ones that I use to buy the most products on the market.However, it’s important to keep in mind that many e-tailers do not offer this option.I also find that many of these platforms do not provide any sort of product tracking for their customers, so […]