‘I’m just a girl’: A girl in Israel, now studying for a PhD, says she’s ‘just a girl’

In a story that has inspired many young Israelis, a young woman who was born in the country but whose parents fled from it in her early teens has said she’s “just a little girl” and “has no future in this world.”Samantha, a Palestinian girl, said she came to Israel when she was just a […]

How to design a stock newsletter template to help you create a great content marketing strategy

Today’s content marketing is a complex, dynamic and fast-moving landscape, with many different companies and content platforms competing to gain attention and create traffic.Today we’ll look at the tools and processes that can help you get started, and we’ll show you how to make sure you’re creating a great newsletter template that will drive traffic […]

How to make your online newsletter newsletter work for your business

A company is using email newsletters to attract new customers, but some are saying it’s a bad idea.Here’s how you can take the newsletter concept to the next level.1 / 5 3.Create an email newsletter template (or a template) to make it more easy to publish The first step to creating an email list is […]