Receive free email newsletter template with the Google newsletter icon.

A free email template with a Christmas icon and a holiday email template.With the free Christmas template, you can receive email newsletters with a list of great deals.You can also customize the template with your email preferences.This is a great template for those who want to send a Christmas email or Christmas message with just […]

How to keep your kids safe from measles: The truth behind the myth

Why do some people say that they vaccinate their kids?Why do other parents say they don’t?What are the facts behind these claims?The truth is a little more complicated than that.In this installment of Fox News’ The Newsroom, host Martha MacCallum explores these questions and more.In this episode, Fox News anchor Martha MacMahon speaks with the […]

Why it’s a good idea to get out of your office in a hurry | The New York Times

In the wake of the devastating hurricanes, many of the country’s top businesses have had to shut down, and they’re now starting to re-evaluate what it takes to do that.It’s one of the first times in history that people are starting to look at the issue, and some are wondering what’s in it for them.“People […]