How the Internet has turned our jobs into businesses

In a global age, companies are more likely to be run by men than by women.But that’s about to change, as companies increasingly rely on women for more than just technical and sales skills.The women who work in these companies are also more likely than their male counterparts to be involved in their company’s culture […]

How to find the best bitcoin substack newsletter

A bitcoin substacker is an online market place where buyers and sellers can find the most popular bitcoin price and offer a discount.You can find it on most websites, including’s how to find it.How to search for the best substacks article Find the best cryptocurrency substack by searching for,, bitcoin or […]

How to keep your kids safe from measles: The truth behind the myth

Why do some people say that they vaccinate their kids?Why do other parents say they don’t?What are the facts behind these claims?The truth is a little more complicated than that.In this installment of Fox News’ The Newsroom, host Martha MacCallum explores these questions and more.In this episode, Fox News anchor Martha MacMahon speaks with the […]